Remember my
horrible HP experience
that ended in the cancellation of my order?

Well it didn’t!

An email came notifying me
my order was being shipped.

The laptop came a day

Today, I called them again
and was told that my order had not been cancelled. 

A “request to cancel had been originated” – not an actual

The Customer Service Rep.
on the phone (who was quite professional and helpful) asked me if I wanted a
$100 credit to my account for my inconvenience. 

I said “sure”. Maybe I’ll get a printer and give them
another shot!

“So, then you won’t be
canceling this order?” he replied.

Nice try!

Silly me, I thought they
were trying to do SOMETHING to entice me to give HP another chance.

Now I’m beginning to think
that the horrible service I received when attempting to cancel the order after
their email had invited me to do so, the lack of an actual cancellation after
over an hour on the phone, the promise of a scheduled Fed Ex pick-up that
didn’t occur, and the need to call customer service again to try and fix this
all, might actually be their
strategy for reducing returns!

That’s just crazy, right?