Throughout the years I’ve
been in several business situations where I could only conclude that the person
with whom I was interacting was either criminal or incompetent.

And I’m really
curious. Does the distinction even

If the outcome is
absolutely the same, should we care that the person on the other end simply
didn’t know any better?

Seth Godin posted about E.
coli bacteria in spinach
and almost
getting hit in the head by a bottle someone threw out of a car window

Does it matter that no one
intended to get people sick or (let’s hope) to hit a passing bicyclist with a

These might be extreme
examples, but what about situations we face all the time? 

Does it matter that the
customer service representative we have on the phone has no clue how to fix our
problem and isn’t just trying to be

I don’t think it does. 

It’s our responsibility to
get it right, do it right, and treat them right!

We don’t get any points with
our customers for good intentions – and we shouldn’t expect them.