Easton Ellsworth over at Business Blog Wire started the
practice of blog
earlier this year.

This month, I tip my blog


I had the pleasure of
meeting Valeria Maltoni and she is as delightful as she seems on her blog. She’s all about positive
, conversations,
and personal


  1. I love that you strike such an understandable balance between the “American” and “European” views of the world.
  2. You help me see things from a different angle.
  3. You are not just about talk – you’re about action. I love how you bring people together and make us think about what we can do differently.

TIP: Eat lots of
protein. I can’t imagine you’re going to
sustain that energy level without it!   

The MojoPages blog is run by the
management team of a start-up. Anyone interested in teamwork, communication, or business
blogging, needs to read this blog. When
you do, you will be rooting for them to succeed. 

Mojo team:

  1. You tell us what works and what doesn’t and you really want our feedback. You’re not just “documenting” what you’re doing.
  2. You’re concrete and theoretical at the same time. Thinking AND doing – what a  concept!
  3. Your videos are awesome. We get to know you all even better by watching you in action.

TIP: You’re doing such a great job it’s hard to
come up with a tip. How about: you
should hire me!