I participated in
a Skypecast yesterday. Easton Ellsworth, from Know More Media, invited several
fellow bloggers to join him on Skype and have a
discussion about blogging: What were we learning? What did we think we needed to know? What’s next?

While the sound
quality was, at some points, challenging (Skypecast is in beta), I couldn’t get over how Skype was
such a great idea. Of course, to join
the call, I had to join Skype (joining is free). And in typical fashion for me (hey, what’s
the point of standing in the shallow water when you can dive into the deep
end?), I went out and bought a USB phone for the occasion. 

Since last night
I have found several of my friends and colleagues on Skype (one accidentally
called me at 11:30pm trying to add me to his contact list!). A few of them were international – people I
don’t talk to nearly enough. Now I can,
whenever I want to, for free – nothing – nada!

You can connect
with other Skype members for free. If
you want to call people that are not on Skype, then you sign up for that
service (SkypeIn or SkypeOut) and only pay for the time you use at a very low rate (most calls I’ll make will cost about 2 cents a minute). They have
chats, im, voicemail, and other services as well. You only need headphones and a microphone to
use Skype with your existing computer and internet connection.

What’s the point? Here is a great tool that makes connecting
with people easier and cheaper.  

Look me up on

(P.S. The sound quality on all the other one-on-one calls I made has been great!)

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