For the second time this year I was at the Web 2.0 Expo and missed Clay Shirky’s presentation, but thank God for the Internet!

Here are Clay’s presentations.  They are both worth watching but if you’re a publisher, and you only have time for one, invest the 16 minutes and 20 seconds needed to view the San Francisco talk.

In SF Clay discussed our natural human propensity to consume, produce, and share.

Publishing and media have traditionally only addressed consumption. Production was too complicated and expensive to enable mass participation.  Sharing was severely limited by time and space.

Web 2.0 technologies have begun to address production and sharing by minimizing those constraints.

In New York, the topic was “Filter Failure.”  Since the first day the number of books available exceeded the amount a person could read in their life, there has been an information explosion.

His point is the filters we have traditionally applied to regulate the information we choose to consume have failed.  They can’t simply be scaled.  They must be re-architected.

Special bonus feature: Shirky at Harvard.