Did you ever think that if
you could just start over things would be better? 

Have you ever felt that leaving
a bad environment would allow you to change your behavior?

History would not repeat! 

It certainly seems as
though it’s easier to change with a clean slate.

But solely changing our
circumstances to improve our situation does not address our own accountability.

In fact, it’s a lot like the victim
mentality we’ve discussed in the past

If we don’t understand how
and why we react in various situations, how can we be sure that history won’t
repeat itself? 

Before we abandon ship and
board a new one we need to get to know ourselves.

Where do we thrive? Where do we self-destruct? What elates us? What frustrates us? What do we do when elated or frustrated? 

Where does our behavior
benefit us and where must it be carefully managed or completely subdued?

If we don’t know the
answers to these questions we may very well move to an environment that is
equally unsuitable for us.

Changing spaces doesn’t insure a different result.