Ellen Weber has
an excellent post today on Brain
Based Business
. As insightful as her
post is the first comment by Ed Brenegar,
is brilliant! 

“I find this true
in my work with clients that the circle of relationships that they value is
quite small and narrow. They are looking for affirmation. The problem is that
if everyone you are close to thinks like you, is in the same social context as
you, then you have also limited yourself as to where your products and services
will most likely be marketed.”

He goes on to say
on his blog: “If diversity is ever
to be viewed as other than a political issue forced down the throat of the
unwilling, and instead seen as a pathway to greater impact, it will require the
development of the kind of character in people that enables them to foster
better relationships with one another.”

What do you do to
make sure you’re hearing opinions that differ from yours? What do you do when you hear opinions
that differ from yours? 

Diversity applies
to people, to places, to experiences. The more you have to draw upon the richer your life, and the greater your
capabilities, will be!

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