In my quest to efficiently use Office Enterprise
2007 with Windows Vista, Typepad (my blogging platform), and Feedburner, I had
yet another educational weekend!

To anyone who tried to subscribe to my feed in the
last couple of weeks, I apologize. It
wasn’t working.


I prefer to write my posts in Word and then cut
and paste them into Typepad.

Apparently, Word got a little pushy somewhere
along the line and started adding tags to the XML that blew up in

So today I visited forums, got some suggestions, edited
HTML, resaved several posts, and re-synched my feed. I didn’t know what half of that meant

Before my Feedburner adventure, I also fixed my
spell checker in Word and Outlook (they hadn’t worked since install).

After visiting a message board and getting
step-by-step directions, I went into REGEDIT (don’t ask) and renamed two files
in some index and everything worked.

In an odd way, I’m feeling quite proud of myself!

My takeaways from these adventures:

Message boards and help forums are becoming my IT
department. God bless all of you
technically gifted people that post to them!

For better or worse, I’m becoming geek (well, a junior geek). At least I’m in tune with
the user experience.

(And yes, Roger,
two more reasons I should have bought a Mac!)