The debate around
the future of the book continues!  Here are some
interesting links:

The New York
Times article that probably started this round: Digital Publishing
Is Scrambling the Industry’s Rules

Richard Charkin’s
post Are
books dead?

Jeff Jarvis’

Publishing 2.0
post: Books
as Continually Updated Idea Platforms,
by Scott Karp

I continue
to believe
that books are only one medium through which to deliver
content. For certain types of content
they are no longer the best medium. It
depends on the job the "end user" is trying to accomplish. 

When you consider
the emotional connection that many people have to books, it becomes apparent
that they aren’t going anywhere just yet.

Some of the links
above cover interesting ideas about the potential evolution of the book.  

That will be fun
to watch, enlightening to consume, and even more exciting to help shape!

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