Here’s what Adam
had to say about working with me today (HE wrote this!):

Hi, I am Adam. I am in 6th grade, and go to Springfield Middle School.
Today was take your child to work day, so I stayed home with my mom since she
works at home. I had a fun experience at my mom’s work today.

My mom does three important things to run her business. She must have work
(customers and partners), get work (business development), and learn things
(professional development). These three things are a cycle. You learn a lot of
things; you meet people who might give you jobs. Having more jobs helps you

My mom gets her work through customers and partners. Customers are people who
give her work to do. Partners are people who share work with her.

Professional Development is learning about current events. It is also going to
conferences, or training classes. The way she learns the most is by working.

Some people like staying the way they are. When changes come, they don’t want
to change. Eventually, these people are forced to change, and when they do, it
is a lot harder then if they changed before. Now other people look ahead and
prepare for the same changes. When the changes come, they will be ready. These
people are happy and excited when the changes come. My mom helps those people
who don’t want to change.

I would want to work at home because I could save more time in the morning by
not having to drive to my office. Another reason is that I could never forget
something at my house, I would be there. Finally, because I could take a 20-30
minute break.