If the video content I
wanted was consistently and immediately available at any time, I would
have no motive to buy it. 

I think that’s a good thing.

There is a cost of

Because I have to buy video
to insure unhindered access, I consume less of it overall. I also completely absorb the risk of it having it damaged,
lost, or otherwise rendered unusable.

I’d rather buy access. 

What do I get with
ownership that I don’t get with access?

With ownership I maintain
my independence. 

If I subscribe to an
access service and it doesn’t meet my needs, I risk walking away with nothing
on my shelf to show for my expenditure.

But, isn’t that the Netflix
or Blockbuster model? I don’t own that
content. I also have to wait for it to
arrive or go and get it myself!  

Is ownership only
popular because an optimal access option isn’t available?

Some people may prefer ownership. There are
collectors, for example.

But most of us aren’t collectors. 

We just want what we
want when and how we want it!