Who invented cooking? 

Who first looked at raw
food and thought “I should put this in fire and see what happens”? 

Perhaps someone dropped their
food in fire by accident and then desperately fished it out and ate it anyway (because they had to).

Imagine that! They pulled it out of the fire, took a bite,
and thought “Wow, this tastes really good”. 

But wait, here comes the
fun part.

They walk over to someone
else in their group and say: 

“Do you know what you
should do? You should throw your food in
the fire and then eat it. It tastes really good.” 

Imagine how ridiculous
that sounded! 

When you put something in
fire it turns to ashes! It’s ruined!!!  

Why would someone risk
it? What was the benefit? 

I’m sure those who first
heard of this practice imagined eating ashes or burning their mouths by eating fire – and
those that didn’t cook correctly did just that!

If it wasn’t done
properly, cooking would ruin food – and to perfect the process food WOULD have to
be ruined.  

It was a learning process.