Last night I
watched the season finale of Six Feet Under – ok, so I’m a little late. 

How does that
relate to a blog about change? Here’s

I used to work way
too much (another story). After reorganizing
my life and catching up on the more important things, I turned to TV I had

I signed up for
Netflix, put West Wing in the queue, and started watching the series. But, an annoying thing happened. My husband and I finished the last round of
DVDs and there was a gap. The show was still
on the air and the season we needed to see wasn’t yet available on DVD.

By the time I
found Lost, Season 1 was on Netflix and Season 2 was about 8 episodes under
way. This time we Netflixed Season 1 and
iTuned Season 2 – right up to the current episode! Things had already improved, but now I want

I loved the way
the show flowed without commercials. I
also loved being able to watch several episodes at once.

I’m tempted to
subscribe to HBO. I really want to see
Big Love, but I want HBO to sell it to me a la carte! I’m willing to pay for it. 

If I could view
HBO’s programming the way I want to, I might even end up paying them more than
if I had a monthly subscription. I’m fine
with that. I want the convenience of
downloading it, plugging my iPod into the TV, and watching shows on my terms (all
of my terms).

So… what will HBO
do for people like me?  

Do you have
customers (or potential customers) that don’t want to consume your product exactly
the way you’re offering it?

What can you do
for them?

PS – Sam
Anderson, a writer for, wrote a great article (The Joys of Rising from the
Cultural Dead
for about watching
TV shows on DVD after the fact. He
called it TVD.

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