I accomplished something last
week that I have never accomplished before (not even once!) in my 20+ years
working for others. 

I used up a box of
business cards.

That’s right, ladies and
gentlemen, I distributed more than 500 business cards before my company name, title,
job function, location, phone number, email address, or any other pertinent
information changed! 

Maybe it’s because I talk
to more people now. I’m involved in many
things I never would have done while working for a large corporation (like
blogging). I wouldn’t have had time and
someone might have objected.

Maybe it’s because work
and life have blended
and my card is truly my calling card. I give it to professional and personal
contacts alike since there is really no distinction. 

I’m finding that sometimes
the “instability” of life outside of a big corporation is actually more stable
for me.

Now let’s see how I do
with my next 500!