Steve Rubel authors the
blog Micro Persuasion and is the SVP,
Me2Revolution at Edelman. He gave a
pre-lunch briefing on Wednesday at the SIIA

According to Steve the adoption
of technology enabling individual participation in media is only half the story.
The other half is participation.  

Steve offered a room full
of media companies and traditional publishers his roadmap for embracing the “people
who are influential in [their]…sector.”

What do you have as a
media company that “uploaders” (self-publishers) want?

  • Money: What is a small amount of money to you as a publisher is big to most self-publishers.
  • The ability to make them famous
  • Traffic

As a publisher you’re
already a “center of knowledge”. You can
offer people the ability to connect to others and to content they value.

Condé Nast built a site
around celebrity gossip. Readers could
submit stories and then vote on them (similar to reddit). 

Fitting in
“Fit your content into
millions of small places on the web…where people are spending more time online” 

Opening the door
Marketing companies
(advertisers, pr, etc.) used to have access to customers through media
companies (TV, print, etc.).  

Now marketing is going
direct to customers.  

Customers spread the word
about products and services peer to peer (word of mouth). Partner with
marketers. Experiment!
has made a video of Steve’s presentation available in its entirety.

PS: There was also some
good Q&A at the end (the subject of a future post). I got to say hi and make a comment!