UPDATED 7/28/06: Complete series

In case you’re feeling
lost, or wondering how far along we are in the series, I thought I’d publish
the series outline.

We’ve covered everything
below that has a link.

Points without a link are
yet to come.

  1. Why people resist change
    1. Culture
    2. The Good
    3. The Bad and the Ugly
  2. How people resist change (and what you can do about it)
    1. Passive-Aggressive Behavior
    2. Decision Avoidance
    3. Snipers
    4. Skeptics
    5. ME and You
    6. Brain Based?
  3. How organizations impede progress
    1. Leadership’s Resolve
    2. Leadership Pitfalls
    3. Problems with Process
  4. Reality Check

Please take this
opportunity to tell me if there is something else you’d like to include. 

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