Why haven’t I been blogging regularly?

One big reason is the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) IN Meeting.

Richard Newman, from the American Medical Society, and I are the co-chairs of the SSP IN meeting.

SSP IN will take over the entire Hotel Providence from September 23rd – 25th. I could tell you all about IN here, but everything you need to know is on the SSP website:

IN is a different kind of
conference. It is part symposium, part seminar, and part un-conference.
Most of all, it’s an opportunity to learn from your colleagues by
participating in small groups lead by industry innovators like Kent
(Massachusetts Medical Society, New England Journal of Medicine), Chris Beckett (Atypon Systems), Alex Frost, Thane Kerner (SilverChair), Howard Ratner (Nature Publishing Group), and
John Sack (HighWire Press). During IN you’ll be the student, the collaborator, and the

was created to address the unprecedented change taking place in today’s
scholarly publishing industry. Disruptive technologies and business
models are changing the market at the same time the global economy
presents the most challenging fiscal climate in nearly a century. IN is
designed to help you formulate strategies and tactics to take advantage
of the opportunities and successfully negotiate the challenges of
today’s publishing landscape.

If your interested in a highly interactive program and you care about the future of publishing and media, think about coming to IN!!!

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