Am I the only person on
the planet that sometimes drops a can of shaving cream in the bathroom? 

I can’t be. Everyone else in my house does it too. Even the ones that don’t shave knock the can
off the shelf!

So why are plastic tops on
shaving cream cans designed to explode on impact with tub or tile? 

The worst part is that when
they explode 80% of the time the whole can must be thrown away (and all the
shaving cream left in it is lost).

About 15% of the time, you can jury rig the top to get the remaining
shaving cream out.

And about 5% of the time, the top comes off but stays basically intact. 

I had to take a picture of this rare occurrence! 


In this era of design
focus, when everything from Ketchup to Soft Scrub to 12-can “fridge packs” of
your favorite soda is in an ergonomically appropriate container, can someone
PLEASE take a look at the shaving cream?!


Thank you!