The Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) is an academic organization formed by Chinese Chemists with the goal of uniting Chinese Chemists in China and abroad to promote the development of chemistry in China. The CCS was founded in 1932 and currently has more than 60,000 individual members and 146 organizational members. The CCS has always considered the publishing of journals to be an important task of the Society and currently collaborates with institutions and organizations in China to co-publish 26 journals, in Chinese and English, 15 of which are collected by the Science Citation Index (SCI). The society is now taking on the development of its own Publications Program, starting with the launch of its flagship journal, CCS Chemistry.

Delta Think worked with CCS Publishing to support the launch of CCS Chemistry in 2019, formulating the overall Go-To-Market Strategy and Marketing Implementation Plan for the journal outside of China with the goal of attracting readership and submissions outside China. Delta Think worked with the CCS to establish attributes, positioning, key target audiences, marketing messages, and a marketing roll-out plan. Today, Delta Think is managing and implementing the marketing strategy and tactical plan targeting audiences outside of China which includes email campaigns, social media, press releases and PR, collateral development, exhibit support, and testimonials.