How long can you stay away
from your computer?  

Your cell phone?

Your Blackberry? 

When did they start to be
so important?

Were they this important a
year ago? Um, yes. 

Two years? Uh-huh.

Five years? Sorry to say
but, yep. 

The last time I went
anywhere over night without my computer was my honeymoon more than six years

Even then it was under
some duress – and I still took my cell phone (of course!). 

I’m flying to Chicago today.

The breast cancer 3-day walk starts
tomorrow. I’m not bringing my computer
and I’m, well, a little anxious!

I figure I’ll get a
computing fix when I meet up with a friend after the walk on Sunday night, but
will that be enough? 

I’m an addict.

The horrible part is that
I have absolutely no desire to change. 

I like being an

Pray for me!

P.S. My next post
(hopefully Sunday night) will finish the Solopreneur “mini-series” on business