The Conclusion!

If we align
with companies and individuals that have similar cultures and values to our own,
do we create a homogeneous environment devoid of creativity and innovation? 

Diversity, innovation, and
creativity ARE values. They’re either
important to us or they’re not. 

Having a similar view of
what’s important, how we treat each other, and where we’re heading doesn’t mean
that we’ve created an environment of drones. 

What it does mean is that
we have a common foundation on which we bring our varied experiences, skills,
and perspectives to bear. 

The last point to remember
is that we all change. As a result we sometimes
find ourselves unaligned in a place where we previously were aligned.  

Are there ever times when
we should adapt to the values of our environment rather than seek better

I’ve struggled with this
question from time to time. I tend to go
back to my value statement and plan
and ask myself if adapting compromises
anything that I feel is fundamental to my happiness or encoded on my DNA.

If the answer is yes, I’d
find another environment. If not, then
adaptation is likely the way to go.