I recently read
an article in the New York Times about MySpace. One passage at the end really grabbed my attention:

“In some ways,
MySpace has assumed the role America Online held a decade ago when it
introduced e-mail services and Internet chat to the masses … AOL lost its place
in the social lives of young people…DeWolfe [MySpace CEO] argues that MySpace
won’t suffer that fate because, in just two years, it has already become so
entrenched in so many lives. “People are
truly invested in the site,” he said. “All their friends are on it. They spent months building their profiles. And so the cost of switching is too high. ””
From The New York Times, April 23, 2006: “For
MySpace, Making Friends Was Easy. Big
Profit Is Tougher

Today in the NY
Times the headline of one story read: AOL
to Cut 1,300 Jobs

I hope for Mr.
DeWolfe’s sake that MySpace never feels that it doesn’t have to keep being

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