Today, Tom Peters wrote
a post called: Love
Thine “Enemy”! It’s Good Business

“At the top of my business
priority list, I want my overall market to grow by leaps and bounds. My market
share will go down…but my revenue will soar—the "bigger pie" axiom.

In short, I want my
competitors to thrive. And I welcome their presence at my events.” 

American definition of success often includes defeating your competitors at every
turn, and any cost, preferably leading to their demise.

We don’t generally seek to
collaborate to expand an industry for everyone.

Instead, we spend most of
our time in a defensive posture – either protecting what we have or chasing
after someone we think has something better. 

This laser focus on our
leaves little time for
market and client focused innovation and creativity. 

I’m not saying competition
is bad – quite the contrary. 

Competition is required.  

How, where, and when we
compete is what needs further scrutiny.