Last June I wrote a series
of posts on change

I tried to address some
reasons why people resist change and offer change managers strategies for
managing that resistance.

I recently used those
posts as the
basis for a conference presentation

I was nervous about
covering the human side of change management at a relatively technical conference.

The reception, however, was
very encouraging.

Several of the attendees
told me that managing change from this perspective was something they had never
discussed openly, rarely considered, and felt could positively impact their

It seemed as though
everyone implementing new processes, projects, and systems had experienced some
or all of the behaviors we covered.

They also reported other
behaviors that hadn’t been included.

I’d like to flesh this series
out into a resource that could be used as a reference when implementing change.

Should the change
resistors be an e-book or even book?

Maybe – with a little help
from you.

I’d like to hear your stories of change resistance.

Who were the change
resistors in your experience?

What were they like? What kinds of tactics did they employ? How did you and your team deal with

Did they teach you
something? Did you find that some
resistance was justified and helped to successfully adjust your course?

Have you ever been the
resistor? When? Why? What happened?

If you don’t feel
comfortable telling your story in the comments here, please email me at

I look forward to hearing from