As proud participants and supporters of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), Delta Think is excited to share our team’s contributions to a brand new training course, now available exclusively in the SSP OnDemand library. 

The newly launched Journals Quickstarter Training provides a robust overview of the scholarly journals ecosystem, designed to give earlier to mid-career professionals the “quick start” needed to understand and navigate our industry.  

The various modules focus on the major facets of journals publishing, including financial skills, business models, marketing, editorial and production, data and decision making, and tools and technology. The overarching goal is to provide participants with an understanding of the various components of journal publishing and how they work together, as well as some food for thought when considering a potential career path.   

Chief Commercial Officer Lori Carlin shares her many years of expertise as Marketing module co-presenter, while Founder and CEO Ann Michael contributes to Data and Decision Making. 

Visit the registration page to see a full list of speakers and more detail for each module.