Today I spent most of the day at O’Hare after my American Airlines flight was canceled.  I did get another flight four hours later, but I was stuck in the airport and I didn’t have my computer. 

The last time I was in an airport for more than four hours was earlier this year when my United Airlines flight emergency landed in Rochester, Minnesota because there was smoke in the cabin (this is us getting off the jet).


I was in that little airport for nine hours. 

They had free wireless. 

I had my computer. 

I barely registered the passing hours.

What a difference!

It’s nice to be home.  I REALLY missed my computer.

On a happier note, the American agent that rebooked my flight was wonderful.  I wish I got her name because she went above and beyond to get me home at a reasonable hour. 

It’s always nice to run into some great customer service when you’re tired, your feet hurt, and you’re carrying way too much luggage!

Tomorrow we’ll resume our regular programming.