reported some interesting statistics based on a weekly earnings call with
Disney CEO Bob Iger: 

  • users have requested more than 19M episodes of the six television series ABC offers on their website.
  • Nearly 500,000 Disney movies and 12M ABC TV episodes have been sold on iTunes. TV episodes were launched in October 2005, so 12M downloads represents roughly 1M per month.

mid-September, Disney reported that 125,000 movies had been downloaded in the
first week their content was available on iTunes. These downloads generated $1M in revenue
according to the New York Times.

If 125,000 movies produced
$1M in revenue in September, we can assume that 500,000 movies produced about
$4M in revenue. 

Television episodes are usually
$1.99 on iTunes. 12M downloads should
represent a little less than $24M in revenue – bringing the total Disney
revenue from iTunes to about $28M.

Episodes are offered for
free on
also reports: “Since June, 53 million episodes and shorts…have been played at In the last quarter,
Disney posted its “highest ever” ratings for total day and prime time with kids
6-11 and tweens 9-14.”

I like Iger’s
perspective. “TV viewing and web use can
reinforce rather than cannibalize each other when you have a terrific product.”