Microsoft may be
talking to Yahoo!
, but some think there are others that would benefit more from
a Yahoo! acquisition.

Scott Karp,
Publishing 2.0, encourages Google
to buy Yahoo! to complement their weak

“Yahoo! Mail, which accounts for almost 50% of the
free email market, has more
than 10 times
the market share of Gmail; Yahoo! Answers is a major hit… Google
Answers failed
; Yahoo’s Flickr
is a runaway hit
… far outpacing
Google’s Picasa
photo site…”

Blossom, from Shore Media and ContentBlogger
, thinks News Corp is a likely
candidate to buy Yahoo! after they’ve purchased Dow Jones.

“Yahoo’s strong online finance portal would
complement potential content fed in from Dow Jones holdings should that deal
close… Yahoo entertainment offerings would complement MySpace nicely and its
enormous base of user accounts would offer MySpace a shot in the arm as
Facebook builds a stronger market share.”

I don’t see anyone saying
that Yahoo! should tough it out on their own.

What happened to Yahoo!?

Is this Netscape all over again?

Once again, the only constant…