is the CEO of Reed Business
(RBI). He was interviewed
by Hal Espo Wednesday at the SIIA conference and
told this story.

Tad’s son Harrison is

He’s already in to social networking
(on Webkinz)
and spends a great deal of time online.

He rarely watches TV.  

One day, Harrison told Tad the TV was broken. Tad
investigated and told Harrison there was nothing wrong with the TV.

To which Harrison replied, “But Dad, where are all my choices?” 


The interview covered the creation of a centralized “e-group” at RBI, pricing on-line
content, the "gentle decline" of print, and the differences between writing for online and writing for
traditional media. 

What struck me was how many
times the conversation turned back to people.   

What kind of people does Tad
Smith look for as he builds an organization that offers RBI consumers a
multitude of choices?  

He hires “utility
infielders”. The people that can build
customer relationships, understand and navigate technology, and develop

When Tad’s looking for a
senior manager he wants a results oriented, insightful individual that can articulate
problems with clarity. 

But, what’s the single most
important quality they must demonstrate?

According to Tad it’s “unquestionable
and unimpeachable integrity”. 

John Blossom covered the
complete interview at ContentBlogger.