These posts are!

Steve Rubel of
Micro Persuasion contemplates the devaluation of traffic
and wonders: If
page views don’t matter anymore than what does?

Graubart of Content Matters discusses The Changing Economics of Off-shoring
. It’s not off-shoring or on-shoring that
matters, it’s thinking globally!

Blossom at ContentBlogger
talks about life in the music business: “…distribution
is dead and relationships in the right venues rule.”

When it comes to social networking, I couldn’t
agree with Chris Anderson more: Social
Networking is a feature, not a destination

Read the whole post, but here’s the big finale!

“With my
Long Tail hat on, I think that one-size-fits-all will fail in social
networking, just as it has everywhere else… Instead, I think focused sites that
serve niche communities will extract the best lessons from Facebook and MySpace
and offer better social networking tools to the communities they already have…
I’m placing my bet on the biggest impact coming when social networking becomes
a standard feature on all good sites…”

Finally, left brain or right brain, which
dominates the way you think? Ellen
Weber at Brain Based Business
points us to Australia’s
Herald Sun quiz

It’s quick, painless, and a lot of fun. Go do it!!!