May 30th
Godin posted
about One
Thousand Paintings
, an art, viral
marketing, and business experiment being conducted by Sala Aharef, an artist in
Zurich, Switzerland.

There has been a
great deal of debate about whether painting a blue number on a 12X12 canvas is
art. Personally, I’ve been surprised at
how many people have such a narrow definition of art. 

Isn’t art
communicating an idea – whether in words, pictures, or some other medium?

Today, a very
insightful comment on Inside
the Mind of a Freelance Copywriter
caught my attention. “Sala’s art is not in the paintings
themselves. His idea is 100% of his art. And the idea’s potential to turn viral
is 99% of the project’s success.”  

To me art is the
result of human spirit, creativity, and ingenuity.  I love to see it (and try to appreciate it) in
any form.

Go Sala!  

How does this relate to change?

Change often
requires that we challenge our definitions and broaden our perspective to
consider new things.

I bought number
150 to help me remember that!

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