My son interviewed me for his career education

He asked me 16 questions about my career. Things like:

  • What opportunities for advancement are there in this field?
  • What special advice would you give a person entering this field?
  • What types of training do companies offer people entering this field?

What field?

Am I a consultant, a small business owner, or a
partner? Should I say I’m in publishing
or information management? Am I part
marketer, business manager, product developer, and innovator? Yes.

I’m a little of everything and ALL of

(I could see the angst on his face.)

Next – opportunities for advancement. Well, they’re limitless. They’re whatever I make them. I’m not “rising up a corporate ladder.” I’m creating my own path.

(I got him some Tylenol.)

What special advice could I give (finally one I
could answer!)?

Treat people with respect. Do as much as you can as often as you can
(that’s how you learn). Keep looking for
what’s next.

(I thought I was being very profound. He just asked me to speak more slowly.)

What types of training do companies offer people
in this field? They’re kidding,

Poor little buggers are going to be awfully
disappointed when they hit the real world and figure out their life is their
training class and their choices are their teachers!

(Mom, just answer the question P-L-E-A-S-E!)

Times may have changed, but in career education
class it’s much easier when your parent is a butcher, a baker, a fireman, a
writer – a something.

Adam swore that if he ever did this again he would
interview my husband.

He’s a musician.