I want to subscribe to
TV – to pay for the content
I like. 

But, I don’t want to be
locked in to one network.  

I care about programming
(content) not networks. I’m
not even sure what networks are anymore

I want to customize my TV
consumption by subscribing to only the programming I want to view.  

I will need an aggregator
(iTunes, Amazon,
a cable company or DSL provider, or something like Bloglines for video) to manage my
subscriptions and payments to the content owner. I will not go to each network individually. 

In exchange for my
subscription, I expect programming with no commercials. I might tolerate one
at the beginning or a “sponsored by” placement, but that’s it!

I also demand flexibility
in viewing time and mode. I want to download
content and view it when, where, and how I find it convenient. 

I don’t have to own the
content. I want access to the “library”
for as long as I subscribe.

I understand that my
demands may not be the same as others who want to view TV programming.  

Customization does not
only relate to content. It also relates
to business models.

Networks need to provide
different user groups with different consumption options and be able to mix
those options as customers require.  It
could look something like this. 

Free to consumer: Keep the current model with commercials and scheduled viewing times
for those that prefer it.

Pay per view: Allow people to buy content (one episode at a time) on an ad hoc

Limited subscription: Allow
customers to subscribe to a certain number of shows for a certain price. Once they subscribe to a show they can view
all episodes (beginning with the series pilot) at any time and via any mode
they prefer.

Full subscription: This is an unlimited model. I can access as many shows as I want any
time, any where. If this is structured
regardless of network this might be too complex to price. Instead, this could be unlimited access by
network (brand – ABC, HBO, NBC …).  

People could mix the
models – view some free
TV and buy a limited subscription.

Buy pay per view
to see an episode of a show they missed on free TV.

Buy a full subscription to one brand (network) and a limited subscription to access specific content associated with other brands.

What are your

Would this model work for you?