We’re all busy.

For me, a small and rapidly expanding business takes up most of my time. It’s both exciting and exhausting. For you it might be the same or it might be a demanding position with a more traditional employment agreement. It doesn’t matter.

My epiphany this weekend was that it is NOT only the hours I work that exhaust me. ┬áIt’s the hours I think I’m not working that wear me out!

The busier I get the more I seem to mentally process all the things I need to do at times when I should be disconnecting, relaxing, and giving my poor brain a rest.

Sure we could start talking about multi-tasking, over stimulation with news and information, fractured attention, and tons of things that erode our productivity and inhibit our ability to rejuvenate.

But for me…I’m going to start by taking one day completely off every week.

What do you do to recharge your brain? Any suggestions?