When we treat people well,
there’s no turning back. 

When we grow a business by
paying attention to our customers, being accessible, and quickly resolving
their issues we’ve established an unwritten contract with them.

We’ve set the bar. 

So we’d better make sure
that we set it to a level where we can continue to clear it – all the time.

I’ve seen too many
instances when a person or a company stopped treating their customers as well
as they had in the past. 

I’ve heard too many clients
say how someone got “too big for their britches” or “doesn’t think we’re
important anymore.”

When we become so
successful that we don’t have the ability to offer the level of service to
which our clients have become accustomed, we’re in trouble.  

We’re either too big, too
busy, or we haven’t planned for our growth very well.

We can’t start out with a
bang and flame out because we’re overextended. 

If we build our success on
responsiveness and collaboration – we can’t expect to keep it if we start taking

Our customers won’t just
be unhappy, they’ll feel betrayed!  

(…and they’ll leave)