Are there behaviors you’ve
witnessed that appear to support change but actually prevent it? 

Are there processes or
customs in your organization that make it difficult to do something new?

Tomorrow, we’ll start a
series on the tactics people employ to resist change. We’ll also cover processes that might be
built into an organization that make change difficult. 

The series is intended to
help you recognize, understand, and manage these behaviors and processes when
you encounter them.

While I’ve had a great
deal of experience managing change, I don’t pretend to have all the
answers. I’d like your

In anticipation of our
start, if you have any issues related to this topic that you’d like to see covered,
let me know in the comments here and I’ll try to work them in.

As we proceed, if you are
experiencing a situation we haven’t gotten to yet, if you have additional
strategies or insights into managing one that we’re covering, or if you have a
link to a resource that’s relevant to the conversation, leave your contribution
in the comments on any post.

After we’ve covered this topic,
I will compile the posts and the comments into a freely available resource that
will remain accessible on this blog – a concise tool to help you remember what
we’ve discussed when you need it! 

Updated July 18th


Posts to date include Culture,
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