Most innovative organizations realize that process
helps insure they have a constant stream of creativity and innovation that can
be channeled into business benefits.

The innovation process doesn’t have to be large
and cumbersome but is should address some basic questions.

How do we generate ideas?

How do we capture them?

What do we do with them once captured?

How can we give ideas room to grow while balancing
our investments of time and money?

How do we tell if an idea is viable?

When and how do we kill ideas and move on?

When and how do we expand ideas and test them with
an audience?

What are our innovation priorities? Why?

What do we do with great ideas that don’t align
with our goals?

These questions, like the process defined around,
them shouldn’t be so cumbersome that they encumber creative thought.

Process, applied in the right measure, is critical
to developing viable business ideas.

The hard part is finding “the right measure.”