Lori Carlin is a leader in member services, content delivery management, fulfillment systems, customer engagement, and marketing strategy. She has developed de novo marketing programs and teams and successfully led projects in branding and rebranding, product development and launch, sales campaigns, system selection and implementation, data mining, and strategic planning. Since joining Delta Think in 2013, Lori has also participated in strategic marketing projects, conducted numerous competitive landscape analyses (market as well as product and technology focused), and developed her expertise in ethnographic market research as well as various market research interview techniques.

Lori has 25 years experience working in leadership and management positions in association management and STM publishing, including 15 years as a Director with the American Institute of Physics. Lori is active in the STM community, speaking at conferences such as Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), and is the current co-chair of the SSP Marketing Committee.