While I’m not a large corporation, I’ve learned
that creating
content requires structure
– structure I didn’t realize I needed when I
started writing.

Over time, I’ve created a process (supported by
tools) for harvesting and developing ideas into posts.

When I follow it, I have a steady stream of
ideas and my only challenge is finding the time to fully develop and publish

When I don’t follow my process I still get some
great ideas but I often lose track of them, write about them even though they
aren’t “right” for this venue, or publish them before they’re ready.

Those ideas tend to “flop”, inspiring no comments,
no emails, and no links to other conversations, much more often than ideas that
go through the process.

My process is extremely flexible. Some ideas push through in an hour and some
take weeks or months depending upon how I choose to develop them.

The process itself has changed over time as I’ve
learned, altered my perspective, or experienced significant time constraints.

But the biggest benefit of this publishing process
is that it’s gotten me through the times when I’ve had no new ideas. I was able to reach into my files and get

The point: Process and structure when applied
appropriately can help you get things done – even creative things.