Have you ever worked with someone that, regardless
of your feelings about them as a person, you knew they were completely unsuited
for their position?

Have you ever seen someone that others regularly minimize,
marginalize, or ignore because that person offers little or no value in their
current role?

Do you think people in that position feel frustrated?

Do you think they ask for help?

I bet they do. I know they do.

I’ve seen it.

As managers, we often find certain topics difficult
to discuss, but that doesn’t mean our best option is ignoring them. In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite.

What’s more humane?

  1. Getting an issue out in the open
  2. Letting someone struggle alone
  3. Giving someone indirect or useless counsel
    because you don’t want to hurt their feelings

If someone isn’t suited for their job, or is
missing vital skills that must be developed, avoiding the issue isn’t going help

We’re not sparing their feelings by not
discussing their situation honestly. We’re
sparing our own!

It’s selfish of any manager not to confront these
situations honestly, respectfully, sensitively, AND with the goal of
resolving them.