Moore is the CEO of Time Inc
. She
was the opening keynote Tuesday at the Software
& Information Industry Association
(SIIA) Summit in New York.

“Steering an organization through change is
hard [you need to]

  • …take care of yourself
  • …maintain your inner compass
  • …trust is the important part [helps people to]
    • work through differences
    • take risks
    • work harder
    • keep rumors, politics, and turnover at bay
  • …put the right people in the right jobs
  • …diversity matters…pick people different from yourself
  • …nurture healthy debate…resolving meaningful conflict makes stronger teams.” 

I especially like her last
point. While unresolved conflict weakens
teams, healthy conflict is good and strengthens teams.  

My favorite quote in this
keynote: “You can’t fear failure…I actually feel embarrassed we haven’t failed
more often.”
did a great job covering her presentation.