Most “business” people define
their profession vertically – as specialists. 

They’re marketers or
lawyers. They work in finance, information
technology, human resources, customer service, or product development.

I met someone last week
that’s like me. He described himself as a
“utility” player.

While I don’t think I
can put that on my marketing material, I love it! It’s just perfect. 

My expertise can not be
classified by a vertical slice of a company. My skills are better defined as a horizontal cross section. 

with (and sometimes in) all of these groups, I need to be conversant in all of the verticals.

Strategy, implementation, and
change management all rely on cross business unit cooperation – they cut across
the specialties.  

Organizations need both types of people. Specialists run the verticals and utility players facilitate cross unit cooperation and

Now here’s my dilemma. 

If you’re a utility
player, what does it say on your CV?

How do you present
yourself to someone that doesn’t already understand the value of a utility player?