Today I went to
see Seth

The day went like this:

For a couple of
hours in the morning Seth spoke about ideas from his books: Permission
, All
Marketers are Liars
, and Purple
. Then we spent just about
the rest of the day going through the attendee’s business ideas, issues, and
websites and discussing them. It was a
great way to see these ideas applied. 

We discussed how
you develop your product’s “story” and how you get people to spread that story. It was very clear that one of the most
critical factors is authenticity.

So, I started to
ask myself if I thought Seth was authentic. What is his story? Does he act
consistently with his story? Is it a
story I’d like to spread? Why (or why

In my opinion, Seth’s
is an intelligent entrepreneur and marketer. He has made some insightful observations about how marketing and
business are evolving and he’s able to explain and apply those observations –
and get results.

That makes him
interesting to me – mostly because my own observations align with his.

What did I get out of this?

I have some ideas
now about how tell my own authentic story. Who am I? What do I offer my clients? Why would you want to hire me?  

My goal is to
post it here before the end of June.

Keep me honest! 

PS – It was the
best lunch I ever had at a seminar (sushi for me – although there was a

He even baked
muffins for breakfast!

I got to meet Liz, too.


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