Thanks to Easton Ellsworth
over at Business Blog Wire, the
first day of every month is now Blog Tipping Day, when we write three things we
like about three different blogs and then offer them each one “tip”.

This month, I tip my blog
to – 

from Cubicle Nation

Pamela Slim helps
people prepare for, and follow through on, starting
their own business
. She helps us
answer questions like: “Based on who
I am
and what I do well, in what type of business will I be successful?” Pam:

  1. Your writing is clear and compelling. You never leave us hanging.
  2. You really know your topic. I have yet to visit your site and not learn something new.
  3. I love your pictures. I thought the last one was great, but this one is even better. You just look like you’re having fun!

I think your Q&A
is a great idea. I hope you
make it a regular occurrence. I bet it
could easily translate into some group coaching (“therapy”) opportunities for

Profs: Daily Fix

Marketing Profs is a mixed
bag of all things marketing, with several writers (and an awesome Chief
Content Officer

  1. There is always something interesting and informative on Daily Fix no matter what your connection to marketing.
  2. The caliber of writing is top notch.
  3. This site is fun!!! I mean really, how many people can successfully turn a story about dead things presented as gifts from a cat into an object lesson on poor marketing?

Until today, the Marketing Profs home page had never caught my eye. You have some great products to offer. Maybe you could promote them a bit on the

Church of the Customer Blog
Ben McConnell and Jackie
Huba are the king and queen of customer evangelismBen and Jackie:

  1. Your blog is not only informative and educational, but it’s entertaining.
  2. You help me think about marketing as the relationship-building function that it should be and you always remind me that our customers are the greatest marketing asset we have!
  3. You and your blog are friendly and approachable. I always feel welcome there. Thanks! 

Please consider doing a one-day session similar to Seth
session this past
. I’m sure you’d fill the room.

Stay tuned for more Blog Tipping next month. 

Happy October!