A friend of mine used to say that insanity was
doing the same thing and expecting different results. Apparently, he got that from Albert Einstein.

reminded me of him today: “You’ve done it before, and before that and
before that. A dozen or a hundred or perhaps a thousand times before…Why are
we surprised, then, when the outcome is usually the same as well?”

There is safety in doing something the same way,
especially if you feel the result is adequate.

Why change?

Mixing it up could make it worse.

But, a new approach could also leave you far
better off.

Seth was talking about meetings. He felt focusing on differences could help
you to approach the meeting from a fresh perspective and make it more productive.

But let’s go beyond meetings – what about people?

Do you hire the same kinds of people or people
that are “proven” in a certain area?

Do you experiment with new vendors and suppliers?

Do you marginalize
changes or try to capitalize on them

If you’re looking for non-traditional results, try
taking a non-traditional approach!

the worst that could happen?

you fix it if it went wrong?