I arrived at the airport an
hour and forty five minutes early for my domestic flight this morning. 

I went to the self serve
check-in where the computer screen informed me that I needed to see an
attendant. There weren’t any.

Some guy (I think he was
collecting the luggage) told me to go get on THAT line – and he pointed to a
line all the way at the other end of the United counter.  

THAT line had about half a
dozen people in it.

What THAT line didn’t have
was an attendant. The attendant was on
break and no one was covering the line. 

They had sent me over to a
line that wasn’t going to move until the attendant finished her break – and the
line was growing fast!!! 

The people on the line were
getting angrier and angrier.  

After standing there for
about 15 minutes marveling at the situation, someone in a blue jacket walked by
– we all pounced!

It took me an additional
10 minutes to find out that I didn’t have to be on THAT line.  

I was sent to another
line, my third line. It was understaffed,
but at least it WAS staffed.

After my three-line
experience, and an investment of just about an hour, I was first on line!

This was when I found out
my attendant was not able to assign me a seat in Economy Class.  

I had to have my seat assigned
at the gate. 

This was not because it
was getting late (I asked). It was
because United doesn’t assign seats at the counter for Economy Class. 

If I wanted to get my seat
assignment at the counter I’d have to purchase an upgrade to Economy Plus (she
could assign those seats!). 

Is anyone out there still
wondering why most people can’t stand the air travel?