Professional marketers need to define some new

Age, for example, doesn’t seem to be an accurate
indicator of someone’s desire to get their news from the Internet, to buy new
gadgets, or to research medical conditions on the web.

For many products and services geographic location
is irrelevant (other than to determine tax rates).

Gender, again, seems to be of limited use in
predicting behavior as is the fact that someone is a parent or the number and
age of their children.

I don’t cook. I don’t read glamour magazines. My favorite color is black. I have
been known use online publishing, Twitter, and Facebook. I’m over 40.

I could be your biggest fan if you’d just give me
a chance. I am just as likely to talk
about your
product’s virtues
as I am its deficiencies
and I am very well networked.

So PLEASE find a way to market to me that doesn’t insult
my intelligence or assume I’m someone I’m not.