All I needed to know about
people, I learned when I was a waitress. 

When someone comes in, say
hello. Do it quickly – even if you can’t
get them what they want right way.  

They need to know that YOU
know they’re there. They need to know
that you care enough to say something.

If someone shows up a lot,
let them know you’ve noticed.  

Try to remember something
about them. If your memory isn’t the
best – cheat!

Try a memory trick (like
an association) or just keep some notes.

If someone asks you for
something you don’t have, tell the truth. 

Don’t waste their time and
don’t insult their intelligence.

Do what
you can to meet their needs, but admit when you can’t meet them exactly.

Where possible, offer them

At all times treat people
(even difficult people) with respect. 

Keep an open mind and try
to understand their perspective.

Difficult people are often
the ones that teach you the most.

Treasure them!