Last night the Philadelphia chapter of Fast
Company, Company of Friends
welcomed Bill Loftus, CEO Gestalt LLC, as the monthly speaker.

Bill told us how a
small “agile” company managed to beat out much larger and older defense contractors
to win a $30M contract with the US Government

He said that he didn’t
play fair.  

I think he did. 

But he didn’t follow the
rules the way everyone does. 

In his rule book:

Client relationships are based
on trust and not the letter of a contract. 

Transparency abounds. 

Self-organizing teams make
the implementation decisions. 

There is no blind
allegiance to a home grown technology. Everything is fair game. 

Building solutions out of
pieces and parts of applications that already exist and passing those gains in
productivity and economy on to the customer is a given.

There are people that own
the vision of the solution and people that own the schedule. They’re different people. 

He described how Gestalt
built their innovative products saying it’s “not so much a process as a

Maybe more companies
should learn how to dance!  

Photo by Joe Zlomek