Building relationships and
learning about organizations is a large part of any consulting business. 

Spending time getting to
know the people, issues, and opportunities within a company is the only way I know to
identify real needs and determine if the skills I offer (or represent through
partners) can effectively address them.

I might talk with people in
organizations several times before a potential engagement is even identified.  

There are also times when
I sign confidentiality agreements and perform at least a cursory review of
strategy, product, process, or project ideas in order to create a proposal.

I’ve always enjoyed this part
of consulting.  

But, it didn’t occur to me
until recently just how valuable business development activities are as a
learning experience.

By building relationships
and listening to leaders describe their companies and their aspirations, I
become more knowledgeable and gain a broad and diverse view of my industry. 

An effective balance
between business development and service delivery allows me to maintain a
healthy business and a fresh perspective.

What more could I ask for!!